Creating innovative solutions. Milestone
Mike Lee, Kelly Dong and Philip Timmerman

Mike Lee, Kelly Dong and Philip Timmerman, CPSA Shanghai 2015

CPSA provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, promotion of development, and continued innovation.


Milestone Development Services organizes the annual symposium on Clinical & Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis (CPSA). This unique event features the discussion of industry related applications. Comprehensive perspectives on industry-related issues and needs, analysis strategies, and performance benchmarks are discussed within program formats promoting interaction and discussion. The purpose is to provide an "incubator" for accelerated development.

CPSA Europe

Cambridge Belfrey Hotel

The 2nd Annual CPSA Europe Symposium will be held February 5-8, 2019 in Cambridge, U.K.

CPSA Metabolomics

Clinical & Translational Sciences at UF

The 5th Annual CPSA Metabolomics Symposium will be held March 2019 at the UF Clinical & Translational Science Institute in Gainsville, Florida.

CPSA Shanghai

Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel

The 10th Annual CPSA Shanghai Symposium will be held April 13-15, 2019 at the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel in Shanghai, China.

CPSA Analytics

Boston, MA

The 3rd Annual CPSA Analytics Symposium will be held May 7-8 2018, in Boston, MA.

CPSA Brasil

Cafe Transatlantico in Sao Paulo

The 5th Annual CPSA BRASIL Symposium will be held at the Club Transatlântico in São Paulo, Brazil, August 13-15, 2018.


Sheraton Hotel in Langhorne

The 21st Annual CPSA Symposium will be held at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, October 15-18, 2018.