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Protein Analysis using Mass Spectrometry: Accelerating Protein Biotherapeutics from Lab to Patient
Published June 2017
This book brings together the most current advances in the mass spectrometry technology and related method in protein analysis. It covers both qualitative and quantitative aspects of Mass Spectrometry protein analysis in drug discovery. Principles, Instrumentation, Technologies topics include MS of peptides, proteins, and ADCs , instrumentation in protein analysis, nanospray technology in MS protein analysis, and automation in MS protein analysis.

Oral Bioavailability Assessment: Basics and Strategies for Drug Discovery and Development
Published May 2017
Specifically geared to personnel in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, this book describes the basics and challenges of oral bioavailability - one of the most significant hurdles in drug discovery and development.


An exciting series of workshops provide a unique blend of LC/MS principles and practical industry applications. A highly interactive environment facilitates discussion of analysis requirements, strategies, and methodologies. The content and presentation is appropriate for scientists ranging from managers to experienced practitioners to new users of LC/MS.

A unique blend of LC/MS principles and practical industry applications are illustrated within a highly interactive, collegial environment. The discussion of analysis requirements, strategies, and practical uses of new methodologies are promoted.

Workshops highlight practical industry experiences and illustrate proven procedures to help implement solutions in the laboratory. Valuable reference materials provide a foundation for future development needs.

Fundamentals of LC/MS

This workshop provides an introduction to LC/MS technology, terminology, procedures and applications. You will learn about LC/MS instrumentation, LC/MS information, and proven industry examples. Useful insights for the incorporation of LC/MS into your work are discussed.

Useful information about the fundamentals and operation of LC/MS instrumentation is provided. Practical applications introduce you ways you apply LC/MS in your own laboratory.

Emerging LC/MS Applications for Drug Development

LC/MS is being widely implemented throughout drug development. This workshop focuses on the current strategies using LC/MS for:

Practical examples will provide the opportunity to discuss these and other opportunities in drug development. Performance benchmarks will be explored. Discussions will inspire creativity for new applications and performance.

Qualitative Structure Analysis Using LC/MS

The capabilities of LC/MS for providing structure-based information are being widely utilized throughout drug development. Structural information is providing information for regulatory support, as well as optimization of drug structures, properties, processes and products. LC/MS technology actively provides information for:

The application of these techniques for rapid structure analysis is highlighted.

Screening for Drug Discovery Leads Using LC/MS

This workshop examines the highly productive and informative LC/MS methods being implemented for screening of drug candidates during discovery research. Procedures are discussed for screening of drug leads in:

New LC/MS methods accelerating the earlier identification of leads and facilitating iterative stages of drug optimization during discovery are described. The production of successful drug development candidates with these methods is illustrated. LC/MS protocols that provide information for the early elimination of drug candidates that would have failed in development.

LC/MS Method Development Strategies

An overview of nine effective strategies for LC/MS applications is highlighted. Recent industry applications illustrate the incorporation of these strategies into LC/MS methods. These strategies will be explored to assist:

A recent survey of recent LC/MS applications from drug development will illustrate the incorporation of these strategies into proven applications.

Managing Mass Spectrometry Technology

This workshop examines "management" issuesthat deal with implementing mass spectrometry-based technologies in industry. Whether your primary responsibilities are in the laboratory or office, this workshop will provide stimulating discussion on opportunities to maximize returns on technology investment.

Case studies are used to illustrate strategies that increase productivity and benefit your organization. A discussion of new ideas, proven methods, and valuable insights that bring focus on:

The workshop features interactive discussions designed to illustrate innovative concepts and allow you to incorporate these ideas into the framework of your organization.